Alphard Series Waxfall Pattern Premium Leather Livia Book Type Case for Apple iPhone X / XS - (Black WF)


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Flip-open folio or wallet cases usually includes a shell type case inside that offers basic all round protection.
These cases will be in one-piece and they are typically made of genuine leather, traditionally hand-crafted with detailed stitching.
Case closure comes in various forms from magnetic to stud depending on the design.
The cover however helps to provide protection from the risk of scratches.
Many folio cases provides compartment slots for bank notes and credit cards.
Usually the slot compartments would range from 1 to 3 depending on the specified model.
The stand function is a dedicated feature that allows you the freedom to watch videos, youtube and movies handsfree whilst you’re sitting in front of a table. It’s a convenient innovative design for working and reading also.
The all-in-one horizontal opening and stand function brings everything together, protection, trending, convenience and functionality.
• Made by premium cow leather, 100% hand-made and fine stitch
• With 3 card slot and 1 inner compartment for card or cash
• Magnetic closure
• Trendy, variety of colors with sharp and unique for choosing
• Easy access to all functional buttons and ports